Drizzle System News

14:21 pm: Attention Drizzle Domain Owners

The hard drive on this server is giving up the ghost and we are migrating all web sites as fast as we can to our new control panel servers.
As we move each site we are sending out an email to the account contact with the new login credentials for FTP and the Control Panel interface.
If you have hosting with us please send an email to support@drizzle.com with your domain name and we will try to get it migrated as quick as we can.

14:43 pm: Hotmail/MSN has lifted the email block.

13:00 pm: Now hotmail/msn has temporarily blocked email from our servers without supporting justification details. We have contacted them to correct the issue and are currently awaiting a response from their IT department.

09:30 am: In order to effect repairs that caused the outage on Friday we are working on the network at this time. We do apologize that this is being done during business hours but we did not want to wait for another failure from the upstream provider.

We hope the impact will be minimal and we thank you for your understanding.

16:00 pm: AOL has finally dropped the latest block on our servers.

16:00 pm: AOL has temporarily blocked email from our servers without supporting justification details. We have contacted them to correct the issue and are currently awaiting a response from their IT department.

14:22 pm: System is now back on line. A hardware failure occured on a data storage device for our core email servers. It has been repaired and full email access is available.

11:00 am: We are currently experiencing a problem with the storage device for the email servers. Our IT folks are working on the problem and hope to have it back in service by 3:00 pm PDT.

2:00 pm: There is an email going around asking for the password to your webmail. This Spam is coming from a bogus source and can be deleted.

9:48 am: The IMAP access problem has been resolved.

9:20 am: The IMAP server is currently experiencing connection problems and webmail access will be affected. The IT folks are working on it, we should have this resolved soon.

1:10 pm: The DNS server is now back in business and answering questions.

12:20 pm: The phone issues have been resolved. IT is still working on the DNS problem.

11:33 am: We are currently having some issues with two things. Our main DNS server is having issues that the IT are trying to get fixed right now. Also our main support number is having a problem as well. As with the DNS, the IT folks are working on the phone system.

10:57 am: Scam Email
There are "phishing" emails going out to many of our customers lately. Please do not respond to these and do not open any attachments from anyone that you were not expecting one from. More than likely these may contain a trojan or a virus.

10:45 am: DSL Router Problem
The problem with the DSL router has been resolved. Some folks may just need to restart their modem and router in that order.

09:20 am: DSL Router Problem
There is currently a problem with one of our DSL routers that is affecting some customers. The IT staff is working on it and hoping to have this fixed soon.

16:00 pm: UPDATE: News Server Problems
The news service has been restored, we apologize for any inconvenience over the last 3 days.

11:00 am: News Server Problems
We are having problems with our upstream provider for newsgroups at the moment. Our IT folks are working on it and hope to have this resolved soon

18:00 pm: It's the 4th of July!!!
The main office will be closed in celebration of our National Holiday!!!!

17:49 pm: UPDATE: **This is an Accounting notice- A note to all credit card users**
As a valued customer of Drizzle's we wanted to make you aware of a small change in our accounting system. This notice is to inform you of that change so you will be able to identify your long time friend, and service provider; Drizzle Internet Nw.

In the past, your credit card statement has read:

Drizzle Services NW

Due to switching Merchant companies; we needed to shorten up our billing name.

For future reference, your statement will now read:

Internet Services

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us. You can either email us at accounting@drizzle.com or by telephone at 206.447.2702

12:15 pm: UPDATE: Phone System Problem

Someone got in our phone closet and rather made a mess of things. If you can not get through to our regular numbers use 877-255-4767 and you will get our Portland office. Internally the system is fine and your call can be routed where it needs to go.

12:15 pm: UPDATE: Webmail Problems

Web based email is being hit pretty hard lately because of the amount of messages that are left in people's inbox. People using webmail as their email client should organize mailboxes and move messages out of the inbox to the other folders when not needed.

Having hundreds of messages in the inbox causes a great load on the server and translates to poor performance when using webmail.

13:20 pm: UPDATE: Shell server access
All shell/telnet/SSH access to all servers has ended. This is unfortunate but necessary to protect the integrity of our server network.

16:20 pm: UPDATE: Shell server access

The shell server is now back up after fighting some overheating problems and another hack into the system. We had to bring it back with new hardware.

Just as a reminder, the shell server will be going down permanently on 31 December 2007. An email will be going out to shell users with instructions on how to migrate email off the server.

All telnet/SSH access will stop on all servers at the same time.

15:25 pm: Shell server access

The shell server is having issues due to an overheating problem in our data center. We have people working on the issue and hope to have this resolved soon.

14:20 pm: Routing Issue Update

The IT folks isolated the problem and worked with our upstream provider on the routing issue. All difficulties with routing should now be resolved.

12:06 pm: Routing Issue

We are currently experiencing some routing issues with one of our upstream providers. Our IT people are currently working the problem. Will post periodic updates.

4:00 pm: New Web Mail Interface

Our IT people have come up with a more modern interface for web based email starting tomorrow. When you go to Web Mail you will have a choice to go into the old SquirrelMail interface or to the new NutsMail interface. We hope you enjoy it. Watch for it tomorrow.

3:00 pm: New Dialup Numbers

We have a new updated list of phone numbers for dialup access on our nationwide dialup network. Check out the access page and click on the map.

2:00 pm: Termination of Shell Services

This has been confusing for many people so we would like to explain this a bit better.

The shell server along with shell access (telnet/ssh) is being terminated. The email will be transferred to our regular mail server and most people will only need to change the incoming mail server from shell.drizzle.com to pop.drizzle.com.

The shell access is being terminated because of too many compromised accounts. Hackers do attacks on a username until they break the password. They then install 'root kits' or other malicious tools that compromise the system. We had such a compromise two days ago.

The termination will be on 31 December 2007.

5:24 pm: Limited Network Outage

One of the switches in our routing between our three data centers experienced a minor glitch that caused intermittent access problems for web and email. The IT staff was able to quikly identify the problem switch and correct the error. The approximate outage time was 32 minutes.


Maintenance Window: 11:31pm PDT to 12:00am PDT

Duration of maintenance: 5 min


Drizzle Internet Services will be doing routine maintenance in our Seattle Data Center. Maintenance will be preformed during a regular maintenance window on August 23, 2007 between 11:31pm PDT to 12:00am PDT. During this maintenance customers may experience a 5 minute downtime for DSL services. Customers who are experiencing connectivity issues after the planned maintenance window are requested to reboot their DSL modems before contacting technical support. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please call with any questions or concerns.

Impact: DSL services for most Northern Washington customers

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Drizzle Support Department


Type of maintenance: DS3 to OC3 ATM network upgrade Estimated Downtime: Five minutes per individual DSL circuit.


Drizzle will be performing an internal network capacity upgrade on August 7, 2007 in our Seattle Data Center. Due to the nature of this type of upgrade Drizzle customers will be migrated gradually over a period of about two weeks to a new higher capacity DSL circuit. When your modem is migrated to the new circuit you will lose internet connectivity for approximately 5 minutes. If for any reason your modem does not automatically come back online please uplug the power cable from the DSL modem and plug it back in. Please wait five minutes to allow the modem to complete coming back online before calling our office. Again due to the nature of this type of upgrade we cannot tell you exactly what time your modem will be migrated. We appreciate your patience during this upgrade. Do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Impact: Internet services for Qwest DSL and ATM circuits

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Drizzle Support Department

10:52 am: The mail server migration/upgrade has been completed and things should be working properly. Many of you may notice a sharp decrease in spam as well. Please let support know if you are experiencing any problems.

11:07 am: We are currently doing some pre-configuration work on our email server in preparation to move to a new server. The current server is old and needs to be retired. Over the week end some of folders temporarily disappeared and some email was duplicated during our pre-configuration work. We hope to have the migration completed in the next couple of weeks and this should be invisible to most users. We will keep you informed of changes as they happen.

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